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Want to record details about:

 Your Goats? 

When you breed them?

 and with which Buck?

It is very important that you keep good records for your herd.

What you need to look for is good software:

  • Very Easy to Use,

  • Unlimited Animals, Adding, Editing & Deleting of Production Animals

  • In Depth Help Section,

  • Back Up And Restore Database Feature,

  • Addition of Photos to Database

  • Full Breeding Information (Including AI),

  • Full Health & Medication Records,

  • Medication Dosage Calculator

  • Save and Export Reports as HTML,

  • Un-classed Kid Records & Reports,

  • Complete Pedigree Information 5 Levels Deep

  • Extensive Reports,

  • Complete Grouping Capabilities,

  • Feeding Program Input

  • Adding and Modifying Sales Inventory by Category,

  • Sales and Buyer Information by Category,

  • Complete Expense Reporting by Category

  • Extensive Dairy Production Records,

  • Show Entry and Results Records,

  • Extensive Fibre Record Keeping,

  • Reminders and To Do Lists

Raising Goats
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Dairy Goat Society of Australia
Give A Goat - Oxfam
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