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Goat Farming In India

Goats were domesticated sometime between 7,500 and 7,000 BC. The domesticated goats, Capra Hircus are descendants of the Pasang, Capra Aegarus, Bezoer goat.


Keeping goats is and has been an important source of income for the poorest families in India. The goat was called by Mahatma Gandhi "The Poor Man's Cow." The income generated from keeping and farming goats is important in the economy of small and marginal farmers.


In religion, the goat is considered a successful animal and used in sacrificed to the Hindu and Muslim gods. In the Mediterranean was worshiped for its creative and generative power. Additionally, India has given goats a place of honour and this is evidenced throughout India's scriptures, mythology, art, literature, paintings and folklore.


India has twenty discreet breeds of goats out of the global identification of one hundred and two breeds and can be farmed intensively. Jamunapari, Barbari, Black Benga, White Benga, Sangamneri and Malabari are some of the breeds.


In 2008, India was the top producer of goat's milk producing 4 million metric tons from 125.7 million goats, as well as producing 480,000 metric tons of goat meat.

Nimbkar Boar Goat

Goats browsing in Kanyakumari, India

Another Goat Farming India Video

We hope you enjoyed this information about goat farming in India and information on the Nimbkar Boar Goat,

Raising Goats
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