Schmallenberg Virus in Goats: An Emerging Threat - latest February 2012
Golden Guernsey Goats has been published as a Kindle Edition
How To Keep Goats Healthy has been published as a Kindle Edition
Charlie And Isabella's Magical AdventuresSeries of colour illustrated children's stories about the adventures of two angora goats and how they discover their magical powers books are now available here.

Goats Cheese – Make It Yourself!
This video shows you how to male Goats Cheese

How To Make a Goat Curry
Watch and learn how to make a Goat Curry

Goat Jokes
Do you know a good goat joke? If so, kindly let me know and I will add it to my collection. Some good ones here

Want To Know Basic Information About Goats?
This website gives you the basic information about goats.

Raising Goats – What They Eat
Goats and gardens do not mix well and goats always want to eat what’s on the other side of the fence. If you have fruit bushes they will love to eat the berries. If you have overgrowth of brambles etc, goats are ideal to keep the growth down. Goats are pack animals, agile and sure-footed. Each goat needs between one and two acres for grazing. Sturdy four-foot high fencing is essential to contain them. Find out more.

Goats – What They Are Called

Male goats are referred to as a ‘Buck’ or’ Billy’ goat. A male goat when castrated or neutered is called a ‘Whether’. A female goat is known as ‘Doe’ or a ‘Nanny’ goat and its offspring, up to the age of one, is called a ‘Kid’. Goats live in a herd and are collectively referred to as ‘Caprine’. A cross-bred goat would be called a’ Brush’ goat.