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The Nigerian Dwarf Goat

This is a miniature dairy goat breed that originates from West Africa. They are popular as a hobby goat, as they are small and easy to maintain.


Most Nigerian Dwarf goats are naturally horned, which are usually disbudded in the first two weeks of life. One of the dominant traits is that they can be blue-eyed.


Their milk production is about two quarts per day, with high butterfat content, which is ideal for cheese and soap making.


Showing of this goat is also popular. The height standards set by the American Goat Society and the American Dairy Goat Association range between 57cm and 60cm at the withers. The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association states does should ideally be 43 to 48 cm in height and bucks should be between 48 and 53 cm.


With a gentle nature, the Nigerian Dwarf goats are easily trainable, friendly and bond easily with adults and children. The exceptions are that bucks can have objectionable odour and all goats have a tendency to butt.


We hope you enjoyed the information about Nigerian Dwarf Goats and the information on Nigerian Dwarf Goat

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